Tuesday, August 18, 2009

E.Learning Portfolio

Mahara is an open source e.portfolio, blog, resume and social networking system. Mahara is a learner centred tool with an innovative and flexible structure of artefacts, views and groups. From what I understand we as prospective employees need to control our own destiny and be futures orientated to be perceived as a serious contender for a position. An e.porfolio documents personal, academic and career goals and skills. It is an online resume that people are now submitting for a job application. It is a tool I can continually update information to keep it current.

Electronic portfolios can be valuable activity when teaching online. They give the trainer evidence of a wide range of skills and achievements and can show development of a learner's knowledge and or skills over a period of time and engagement in collaborative learning activities.

Electronic portfolios support a range of learning processes:
recording and storing textual, audio and visual evidence and resources for learning
active learning with learners setting their own goals
collaboration with others
motivating learners to produce work to a standard so that it can be displayed to others
encouraging a regular system of feedback so learner
reflection on particular items or on a bank of evidence created over time
communicating learning outcomes and personal identities to a range of audiences
Electronic Portfolios act as “a personal learning environment” that provides a framework to organise a learners training and work experiences, achievements as well as a range of life-based learning events (Designing and implementing e-learning, 2008).

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