Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Student Centred Flickr

Flickr can be designed to promote and build visual literacy skills in students either as a single photo used as writing prompts or multiple sets in a digital story telling project (Jake, 2006).The posting titled student centred wiki focuses on a unit of work about colonisation. Flick could be incorporated into lessons. Students can present a PowerPoint slide show of images representing aboriginal culture before and after colonisation/invasion. Aboriginal dream time story lines can be told through photos, students can create their own modern day story. A particular photo can be the instigator of a discussions in reference to What do you see, why, when, where and how questions. Flickr can improve student's presentation, they have access to a pool of photos on various topics. Students can set up a RSS feeds to receive notification when photos are added. Teachers no longer need a collection of magazines for students to cut out and paste into a report.

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