Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Digital Immigrant or Native?

I am a second year Batchelor of Learning Management student at Mackay. I am looking forward to learning and using the various technologies offered in the Managing E Learning course. Pensky (2001) believes the arrival of digital technology is an event which changes things so fundumentally that there is no going back and because of this students now think and process information differently from when I attended school way back in the 1980's. At the beginning of Pansky's article I would of classed myself as a digital immigrant. I did grow up watching Bernita and John on Play School and Ernie and Bert on Seaseme Street but I didn't learn and play with computers and digital games etc. I do not print out emails and I am capable of internet use and most importantly I am not frightened to learn and utilise the amazing and innovative tools of technology. I appreciate and take seriously the importance of my future role as a "digital immigrant instructor" (Pensky, 2001). I want to engage and not enrage my students, I do believe children can learn successfully while watching TV or listening to music and I do believe learning can be fun......maybe I am a didital naive after all, as according to Pensky digital immigrants are not capable of this.

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