Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Interactive Whiteboard

Teachers face constant pressure to accommodate and implement new technologies into their repertoire of teaching pedagogy's and techniques(Jones & Vincent, n.d). Utilising interactive whiteboards yo would think solve this problem but research suggests that they are not providing teachers and students in many Australian schools with the educational benefits that were expected. Measday (2005) suggests it is because teachers are not qualified and lack experience with ICT's. They have lacked access to appropriate resources and personal development.( Maybe its the digital immigrants letting us down).

I have been fortunate enough to experience some of he capabilities of an interactive whiteboard. All you need is a computer, a projector, a USB cable and maybe a special pen and walla!! you have an engaged and motivated class ready to be involved in their learning. I once did a lesson involving Australian geography,the children were physically marking locations and directions on the map after I gave them certain clues regarding a place or famous landmark. They were engaged, collaboratively the whole class was involved and helping each other out. As I was giving the lesson, I was thinking of so many more activities you could do and that's just for Australian geography, I can appreciate the potential this technology could have on a class I only hope I am lucky enough to be placed in a class room who has one and given the opportunity to learn all the capabilities the interactive whiteboard has.


  1. The Interactive Whiteboard sounds like fun :)
    I think there is only one school in Mackay that has one, and i agree it would be great if most schools could at least have one.

  2. When I watched the You Tube of Interactive Whiteboard I was amaze, I was "engage", I love it, I think it is an unreal e-learning tool that needs to be in all classroom. I think it sad more schools do not have them.

    Blackboards - Interactive Whiteboards, which one to pick???

    When we had our class discussion on them, P&C was brought up and there was mention that they are spending the money they have on upgrading blackboards because they do not know this e-learning tool is out there. I had a talk to my sister-law and she did not know they existed either so just a thought but maybe LM need to ask P&C and principals can the money be put towards interactive whiteboards instead of upgrading blackboards, hence there is more than one in Makcay.

  3. Money,money, money, makes the world go around, if only all schools could have access to such an interactive learning tool. Maybe one day it will be like the old computer,just think, there was a time when they were not in schools. Hard to believe now.